Starting the Wedding Planning Process

Wedding planning may seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Begin the planning process early.

Before you start the actual planning process, it is essential to determine your budget.

How to Budget

First, it is important to figure out who is paying for what. Are the bride’s parents going to pay for everything? Will the groom’s parents pay for the rehearsal dinner? It is better to know what to expect ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.

When planning your budget, pretend as you can only afford 15% less than what you can really afford, and do your best to stick to that. For example, if you can honestly spend $10,000 on your special day, act as if you can only spend $8,500.

This may sound strange at first. Practically speaking, however, there are sure to be hidden costs and fees that you may forget to account for. Most of us don’t have the luxury of an unlimited budget, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. When such charges come up, you won’t have to worry about where the money to pay for them will come from.

Beginning the Planning Process

First, set the date. Coordinate with your religious leader to see when he or she is available, and reserve the date that works best for you. If you are planning a summer wedding, it is especially important to get started early, as summer is the most popular season for weddings.

Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

Though exciting, planning a wedding is hard work. There are a myriad of details to remember and planning can be a time-consuming process. This can be a lot for one bride to handle. Many brides opt to hire a wedding planner.

When hiring a wedding planner, it is important to discuss with them what you’re expecting from them. Do you want them to be there to help you make decisions every step of the way? Do you want to have just a few meetings with them to make sure you’re on the right track to creating your dream wedding? Or do you just need someone to be there for you on the big day? Depending on what your expectations are, pricing may vary.

Many women prefer to plan their own wedding. This can help you save money, as well as give you complete control over every minute detail. Just remember, it’s ok to ask for help. And you can always hire a planner later on if it turns out to be harder than you expected.

Create the Vision of the Wedding

Close your eyes and imagine your wedding day. What do you see? This theme can consist of anything, from a colour scheme to red carpet glam. Do you want to incorporate your culture or heritage into the theme? What about your favourite fairytale from when you were little? Are you going to make your wedding eco-friendly?

Once you have a theme in mind, you have the foundation for how to go about planning the big day. It is vital to create a theme for a wedding before you start purchasing things. Everything will depend on the theme you choose. For example, you probably wouldn’t want to wear a huge ball gown to a simple backyard wedding.

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