Simple and Elegant Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding

Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas

An outdoor wedding on a beautiful day can be a glorious thing, but a tent is a much needed accessory. Just about everyone wants to have perfect weather on their wedding day, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. Not to worry, there are many ways to decorate your tent to create a magical experience for all your guests.

Tent Size and Color

The color of choice for a wedding tent is typically white, but you can choose any color you’d like. Another essential decision you’ll need to make is what size you’d like the tent to be. The size will depend on how many guests you expect, but it will also depend on how much of the reception you would like for guests to spend under its cover. You can choose a smaller tent just for the cocktail hour or one just for dining, but if you are concerned about the elements, you should plan to use the tent for the entire night. You can always make a quick change if the sun comes out.


You should decorate your tent as you would expect a reception hall to be decorated. If you are using a specific flower throughout the event, such as a daisy or calla lily, you should also use this flower to decorate the tent. This flower can be added to garland and twisted around the tent poles, or it can be arranged with other flowers in large vases to be placed at the tent entrance. For a natural vibe, choose an outdoor location that is close to a garden; this way, guests can marvel at the beauty of the natural botanicals and you won’t have to use as many cut flowers.


If your event is in the evening, you will want to add some functional and decorative lighting. For a fun and inviting vibe, try wrapping strings of small white lights around the poles of your tent. You can also hang paper lanterns from the ceiling, just out of reach of the guests. This type of decorative lighting will cast a warm glow on your reception, creating a subtle yet romantic ambiance.

The most important thing to keep in mind about decorating the tent for your wedding is that it should coordinate with your other décor, but it shouldn’t stand out. Keep the hues subtle and the lighting dim, so you can be the star of the day – not the tent.

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