Romantic Engagement Gift Ideas for the Bride, From the Groom

Once the proposal has been made, and the bride-to-be has accepted, many grooms choose to commemorate the occasion with a special present for the bride. Since this is such a momentous occasion, choose something she’ll remember forever. Need some help? Try these romantic engagement gift ideas for the bride-to-be.

Bridal Jewelry for the Wedding

Choose bridal jewelry that matches the engagement ring as an engagement gift. The bride will appreciate a necklace, a bracelet or earrings that coordinate with both the base of the ring and the stone. For example, if the ring is white gold and the stone is a square-cut diamond, all accompanying jewelry should also be in white gold.

Ensure that the jewelry will also not interfere with the wedding dress. A high-necked wedding dress may not allow a necklace with a long chain, and pretty bracelets cannot be seen well when worn with long-sleeved bridal gowns.

Engagement Portraits

Bring the bride-to-be to a professional photographer to ensure that the engagement memories stay intact forever. Take her to her favorite beautician prior to the visit, so she can get her hair and makeup done for the photo shoot, and she will look even more beautiful in the pictures. Combine the makeover with a spa day, and she will be in a great mood for the photo shoot, and the engagement portrait will be a success.

Spa Day for the Bridal Party

Sending the bridal party, including the bride-to-be, her maid or matron of honor, and her bridesmaids to the spa is a great engagement gift. The bride typically has the most pressure during the wedding planning process, and starting with a relaxing spa day is a great way to ease the stress of planning a wedding.

For grooms who can’t afford an entire spa day, send the bride to a masseuse, nail salon or beauty salon for a mini-makeover. This option is less expensive, but still gives the bride-to-be time to relax and be pampered before worrying about caterers, florists and color schemes.

Flowers for the Bride-to-Be

Surround the bride-to-be with flowers, and show her how much she is loved. Order several bouquets of flowers, and have them delivered at periodic intervals throughout the day. Choose her favorite flowers, in her favorite colors, for personalized bouquets.

Include a loving and unique message with each bouquet, and she will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift. At the end of the day, hand-deliver a larger bouquet of the same flowers to the future bride, in a vase monogrammed with the engagement date and the wedding date, if it has been set.

Choosing Romantic Engagement Gifts for the Bride-to-Be

A long and happy life together starts with the engagement. A groom-to-be who spent months saving up for an engagement ring and weeks planning for the perfect proposal should not stop wooing his bride-to-be just because she agreed to marry him. By choosing a romantic engagement gift, you will show her that you will treat her with loving attention throughout your relationship.