Best SEO Web Search Engine Optimization – Keyword Tools

Looking for that keyword edge in search engine promotion? Keyword generators tools aid in achieving the best SEO web search engine optimization.

Anyone looking to score that high-note in Google search engine optimization knows that quality content and relevant keyword phrases go together like peanut butter and jelly. Hire a marketing agency for the best keyword phrases, so the whole coming up with the right combination won’t be the most daunting part of web search engine optimization; did the web designer or content developer cover all the angles? Did the marketing department think of all the possible variations?

Why wonder when one can make use of the plethora of web search engine optimization tools available. Best of all, they’re free.

Why Are Keyword Phrases Important to Search Engine Optimization?

For someone who’s new to web search engine optimization, keywords may seem confusing. Thus, it helps to realize that keywords existed long before the internet, as a part of writing (such as a novel). As an essential part of the language, they are used as part of the author’s reasoning structure. Similarly, online keywords capture the essence of a document, web page and website. These keywords are used by online visitors within search engines to find the information they are seeking and thus are critical to web search engine optimization.

Best SEO Web Search Engine Optimization Keyword Tools

For a website to rank well, it must have relevant keywords. Developing and selecting the right keywords and key phrases will impact what rank a site or page can achieve within search engines. Keyword tools are programs that help people develop headwords and long tail phrases tailored to the content of their websites. The following keyword tools are free to use by anyone.

  • Google Adwords Tool – Free from Google, simply enter one or multiple keywords or phrases to generate a list of multiple variations. Additional goodies include the ability to see the average CPC, global search volume, local search volume, competition level (as a percentage) and more providing a definite plus in Google search engine optimization.
  • Google Adwords Tool Beta – All of the options mentioned above plus the ability to use advanced customizable features including ‘broad’, ‘phrase’ and ‘exact’ match options. The only downside is this version does not generate lists as large as the previous version but still offers visible benefits to Google search engine optimization.
  • SEO Tools Keyword List Generator – This free online program allows users to enter up to 5 different lists of words and generate a mix’n’match list of potential keyword phrases. Generated list results can be based on ‘broad’, ‘phrase’ and ‘exact’ matches.
  • SEO Tools Keyword Suggestion Scraper Tool – Also free from SEO Tools, entering a keyword phrase (more than one word) will net an auto-generated list of possible variations including suggestions from WordTracker. This tool also provides the total number of competing for web pages currently found for each variation.
  • Google Trends – Displays a historical trend line of the entered keyword or phrase in addition to a ‘top 10’ list of ‘hot topics’ and ‘hot searches’. The trend line includes a breakdown of searches by country, city, and language but unfortunately does not include actual numerical data.
  • adCenter Labs Keyword Forecast – Similar to Google Trends, keyword data is displayed as historical trends of global searches but includes the number of searches as well as distribution by age and gender.
  • WordTracker – Like Google Adwords, Wordtracker provides a list of 100 suggested variations of an entered keyword or phrase but is ranked based upon daily results collected from the Dogpile and Metacrawler search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Keyword Tools

The proper use of all SEO services allows one to ensure they’ve covered all possible variations of the keywords and key phrases they “think” they want to use. The purpose of these keyword tools is to provide confidence in the keywords being targeted by the person or company.

Keep in mind however that just because these tools provide hundreds of results, do not fall into the common and hazardous pitfall of spamdexing. Using only the keywords and phrases that are directly related and relevant to the site or page is key to developing the best SEO web search engine optimization